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Joint Statement – situation of human rights defenders in Iran

Joint Statement concerning the deteriorating situation facing human rights defenders in Iran


In advance of the Iranian presidential elections on 19 May, which will take place in a largely restrictive environment, we, the undersigned organisations, urge that the Iranian government to fulfil its international human rights obligations and cease the systematic targeting of human rights defenders (HRDs).

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تحريم كافي نيست ، بايد اعتراض كرد

Shiva Mahbobi on IRI election 

شيوا محبوبي سخنگوي كميته مبارزه براي آزادي زندانيان سياسي در ايران

تحريم كافي نيست ، بايد اعتراض كرد، بايد شعار زنداني سياسي آزاد بايد گردد 

را در همه جا طنين انداز كرد

Jailed labour activist released


Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, labour and children rights activist was released from prison in Iran on 1st may 2017 after spending seven years in prison.

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh is a well-known labour activist who was arrested in 2010. Behnam was a member of the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Workers’ Organizations in Iran and a member of The Society for the Protection of Child and Street Workers.

He was initially sentenced to 20 years in prison which was then reduced to five years. While Behnam was serving the last year of his five years sentence, he was re-sentenced, based on fabricated charges, and was then sentenced to 9 years and 4 months which was then reduced to seven years, 10 months and 15 days in prison. In Behnam’s first trial, his lawyer was not allowed to speak, and on the second trial he was not allowed to attend. Behnam was threatened by the authority that he will be put on trial for the third time in 2017. Read the rest of this entry

Man age 21 to be executed in Iran for criticising Islam

26 March, 2017

To the people of the world                                             #FreeSinaDehghan  #Save Sina

Save Sina who is due to be executed in Iran for criticising Islam


A 21 year old Iranian man to be executed in Iran for criticising Islam

Help us save him

The Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the highest judicial authority in the country, has confirmed the execution sentence of a 21 year old young man, Sina Dehghan for criticizing Islam and “insulting the prophet” of Islam.

Sina Dehghan was arrested on 21 October 2015 when he was 19 years of age and was sentenced to execution in the penal court of the city of Arak. He has been charged with writing critical material about Islam and opposition to Islamic sacrosanct elements on the Line social media network. Read the rest of this entry

A victory for political prisoners in Iran


A victory for political prisoners in Iran

On the 3rd of January 2017, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, jailed writer and human rights activist in Iran, was temporarily released on bail of 500 million tooman (125000 dollars). Her husband Arash Sadeghi, jailed student and human rights activist, ended his hunger strike after 72 days. Read the rest of this entry

يك پيروزي بزرگ و ضرورت ادامه تلاشهايمان


يك پيروزي بزرگ و ضرورت ادامه تلاشهايمان

بر اساس منبع خبري تلگرام مادران ، آرش صادقي پس از ٧٢ روز به اعتصاب غذاي خود پايان داد. گفته شده است كه آرش قبول كرده است كه اعتصاب خود را بشكند و به او سرم وصل كنند . يك منبع موثق اعلام كرده است كه گلرخ را از بند نسوان زندان اوين خارج كرده اند و در ازاي پرداخت پانصد ميليون تومان وثيقه به او مرخصي داده شده است. نخستين عكس گلرخ را پس از آزادي در زير ملاحظه ميكنيد .

اين پيروزي مهمي براي همه ما است كه هر روزه از آرش و گلرخ حمايت كرده و براي رساندن صداي آرش صادقي و خواست آزادي گلرخ ابراهيمي تلاش كرده ايم. اين پيروزي مهمي در عرصه تلاش براي آزادي زندانيان سياسي است

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Children’s rights activists are in prison in Iran

20th of November, Universal Children’s Day
Children’s rights activists are in prison in Iran
Can you be their voice on this day?


Tweet To Support
@UNrightswire @HassanRouhani @k_satyarthi free jailed children’s rights activists  #Iran READ

Children’s rights activists are being continuously interrogated, tortured, and kept in prison just because they dare to stand up for basic human rights for children.

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The 2017 Women’s World Chess Championship


To: Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, 2016 U.S. Women’s Chess Champion

Re: The 2017 Women’s World Chess Championship

Dear Nazi Paikidze

Your decision to boycott the Women’s World Chess Championship in Iran on February 2017 and speaking out against forcing women to wear hijab is tremendously admirable and inspiring.

My name is Shiva Mahbobi and I am writing to you as a woman who grew up in Iran and experienced being forced to wear hijab (Islamic dress code) from childhood. I spent more than three year in prisons in Iran as a political prisoner and was tortured at the age of 16 for demanding my rights. Read the rest of this entry

قهرمانی شطرنج در 2017 در تهران را تحریم میکند


نازی پایکیدزه Nazi Paikidze#

قهرمان شطرنج است که این طومار را شروع کرده است در اعتراض به تبعیض جنسی زنان و به طور مشخص علیه تحمیل پوشیدن حجاب به شطرنج بازانی که برای مسابقه در ایران و سایر کشورهای تحت حاکمیت قوانین اسلامی شرکت میکنند. لطفا امضا کنید. نازی پایکیدزه اعلام کرده است که مسابقات قهرمانی شطرنج در 2017 در تهران را تحریم میکند و حاضر نیست با بر سر کردن حجاب از ستم بر زنان حمایت کند. این اقدام موثر و جالبیست علیه حجاب که میتواند نوجه دنیا را به معنای حجاب برای میلیونها زنی که حجاب به انها تحمیل شده و هر روز در یک زندان متحرک زندگی میکنند جلب کند

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” Paikidze announced that she will boycott the Women’s World Chess Championship 2017 in Tehran, Iran due to its hijab dress code. She has stated, “I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression. Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career.”
Nazí Paikidze

British citizens imprisoned in Iran?



Why the British government doesn’t take an action to free the British citizens imprisoned in Iran?

According to the news published on 16 August 2016, an Iranian-British national has been recently arrested by the authorities in Iran allegedly “spying for British intelligence.” The identity of this person is not been released by the authorities in Iran. Read the rest of this entry

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