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فروش ٣ ميليون نسخه شارلى ابدو


3000,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo have been sold around the world instead of 60,000 as a respond  to the massacre by the Islamist…
“’Je Suis Charlie” and we will not be silenced
سه ميليون نسخه ” شارلى ابدو” چاپ و به فروش رسيده در حاليكه اين مجله شصت هزار نسخه قبلا چاپ ميكرد. اين   جواب انسانيت به اسلاميهاى جنايتكار است كه ميگويد , ما نميترسيم و ساكت نخواهيم ماند


Attack on freedom of expression from Paris to Tehran

Attack on freedom of expression from Paris to Tehran

 In France the Islamist attacks and executes the Charlie Hebdo editorial team for expressing their views through satire; In Iran the Islamic regime imprisons, tortures and executes dissidents for expressing their political and social views. The similarities are hard to ignore.


Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, labour activist, has been given more than 14 years jail sentence for defending the rights of workers and expressing his view

 A week in solidarity with Behnam Ebrahimzadeh

12 -18 January 2015 Read the rest of this entry

‘Je Suis Charli’ (I am Charlie)


‘Je Suis Charli’ (I am Charlie) was the powerful message of the freedom- loving people to the Islamist. Islamists attacked on Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people including four cartoonist of Charlie Hebdo. This is what Islam is: killing, massacre and suppression of freedom of expression. In Paris Islamist kills cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, in Iraq and Syria Islamic group ISIS massacres men and women and children, in Iran Islamic regime supresses freedom of expression by torturing and killing thousands of people, ….. we all must stand up for the freedom of expression and stand up against Islamists. Some say printing and distributing cartoons of Mohammed is religious hatred … what do they call attack on freedom of expression and attacking magazine like Chalie Hebdo??? “ I am Charlie” and will not be silenced.

Shiva Mahbobi.

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