save them- political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran

53 political prisoners, who are all rights activists, were beaten up and transferred to the high-security Ward 10. These prisoners are deprived of clean drinking water, fresh air and their medication. They are on hunger strike since 30 July.

On 30 July 2017, the prison authorities in Rajaishahr prison in Iran raided the ward 12 in this prison and transferred 53 prisoners to the infamous ward 10 without any explanation. The guard did not let the prisoners to take their personal belonging including their medication.  Following the transfer, 24 prisoners went on hunger strike in protest to this brutal treatment. Later on five prisoners had to end their strike due to their critical illnesses. The main demands of the prisoners are as follow:

  • All the prisoners must be transferred back to their ward ( ward 12)
  • Their belongings must be returned to them and the prison authorities must compensate the prisoners for the damage they have caused to their belongings

These prisoners are labour activists, journalists, student activists, children rights activists, political activists and members of Baha’i community. Reza Shahabi a well-known labour activist and Saeed Shirzad a well-known children rights activist are among these prisoners.

About ward 10 in Rajaishahr prison:

this ward the windows of the rooms are fully welded by multiple layers of steel cord which has minimised the air circulation in the rooms. Prisoners do not have access to clean drinking water, they are not provided with medical attention despite the critical condition of several prisoners.  There are around 40 CCTV which are installed in this ward including in the bathrooms which is intrusion of their privacy. The authorities have not allowed these prisoners to have access to their belonging including cloths, fridge, food, water purification devise which are all purchased at the prisoners’ expenses. These prisoners are deprived of telephone communication with their families; this is to prevent them from communicating their condition with the outside world.

On the 23th of August families of these prisoners gathered in front of the Prosecutor’s Office and also the Prison Organization’s office in Tehran, demanding an explanation on why these prisoners were transferred and treated violently.  Authorities have so far refused to meet the families and listen to their demand. These families are extremely worried for the wellbeing of their imprisoned children.

The prisoners, who are transferred to ward 10, need your support. We ask you to take a few minutes and send a letter either by email or tweet to the authorities in Iran and urge them to:

  • ansfer all the prisoners back to their ward ( ward 12)
  • To return their belongings to them and to compensate the prisoners for the damage they have caused to their belonging

Lend your voice to these political prisoners and their family. The lives of these prisoners are in danger. Help us safe them.

Several organization including the Amnesty International have taken actions in support of the prisoners. Join the action and show your solidarity with those who have been fighting for freedom.

For more information please contact:

Shiva Mahbobi, Spokesperson for CFPPI

shiva.mahbobi@gmail.come   ,    +44 (0)7572356661

Campaign to Free political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

How Can You Support:

Please take an action NOW by giving only 5 minutes of your time to write a letter to the authorities in Iran. It takes only 5 minutes to copy and paste the following sample letter and Tweet and send them to the following addresses.

[sample letter]

I/We express our strong concern for political prisoners who are now on hunger strike in Rajaishahr prison. We urge you to:

  • Transfer all the prisoners back to their ward ( ward 12)
  • To return their belongings to them and to compensate the prisoners for the damage they have caused to their belonging


To: Hassan Rouhani
Twitter: @HassanRouhani

To: Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations


To: Mohammed Javad Larijani

Office of the Head of the Judiciary
Pasteur St, Vali Asr Ave, South of Serah-e Jomhouri, Tehran, Iran
Email:  (Subject line: FAO Mohammad Javad Larijani)

You can also email/post your letter to the Iranian embassy in your country  by using the link below:

Suggested  Tweets:

Rouhani_ir @khamenei_ir @Asma_Jahangir #iran ‪Imprisoned activists on #HungerStrike #Rajaishahr ‪We are their voice

‪@Rouhani_ir @khamenei_ir @eu_eeas solidarity with PoliticalPrisoners on #HungerStrike #Rajaishahr #Iran.We urge you to meet their

@Asma_Jahangir #iran ‪Imprisoned activists on #HungerStrike #Rajaishahr ‪ READ:



About shivamahbobi

Women's rights activist and spokesperson for ​ Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), former political prisoner ,TV producer and presenter

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