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ضیافت خون در اوین

HS-EvinOn the staged visit to #Evin prison

میزگرد با شیوا محبوبی و حسن صالحی در مورد کمپین علیه بازدید مهندسی شده سفرای خارجی از زندان اوین

چهارشنبه ١٤ تیر در محوطه زندان اوین نشستی با حضور مسئولین قوه قضائیه جمهوری اسلامی و همچنین مسئولین زندان اوین با ده ها تن از سفرای کشورهای خارجی در ایران، برگزار شد. پس از برگزاری این نشست موجی از افشاگری و اعتراض از درون و بیرون زندان اوین شروع شد و هنوز هم ادامه دارد. با شیوا محبوبی سخنگوی کمیته دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و حسن صالحی سخنگوی کمیته بین المللی علیه اعدام به گفتگو می نشینیم.

خلیل کیوان: چرا جمهوری اسلامی مبادرت به برگزاری چنین مراسمی کرده است؟

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This is a photo of once of the survivors of acid attacks in Iran. 

‏ این عکس مرضیه ابراهیمی یکی از قربانیان  اسیدپاشی اصفهان است. این جنایتکاران  بخشی از صورت مرضیه را برای همیشه تغییر دادند  و ضربات روحی روانی غیر قابل جبرانی به او وارد کردند  اما امید به زندگی و شهامت را نتوانستند از او بگیرند.  این عکس اعتراض  به زن ستیزی  است. اوج صدای ‘  من شکست ناپذیرم  ‘  است.  

عکاس ماکان شفیعی

Staged visit to Evin prison 

12 July, 2017

Protest against the staged visit of the foreign Ambassadors from Evin Prison

متن انگليسي اطلاعيه كميته بين المللي عليه اعدام و كميته مبارزه براي آزادي زندانيان سياسي در رابطه با بازديد مهندسي شده وزراي خارجه بيش از ٤٥ كشور از بخش نمايشي زندان اوين

On July 5, 2017 the ambassadors of more than forty five countries were invited by the Islamic regime in Iran to visit the infamous Evin prison in Tehran-Iran. The intention behind this staged visit was an attempt by the authorities in Iran to reduce the international pressure on the regime in regards to the appalling condition of prisons and particularly the condition of political prisoners. 
The International Committee against Execution (ICAE) and the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) strongly condemn this desperate attempt by the Islamic Republic. Moreover we strongly denounce and protest against the participation of the ambassadors of the participants countries in this falsification of facts about prisons and political prisoners in Iran.

We have written a letter to the Swedish embassy in regards to this visit. The Swedish embassy has replied that they have participated and they added that “The Swedish ambassador is fully aware of the adverse conditions in Evin prison. We also know that in Evin people are kept there without trial and on grounds of their political work. The ambassador regularly takes up issues related to human rights with his Iranian counterpart.”

Although the Swedish foreign office has acknowledged the adverse conditions in Evin prison but their response shows that their strategy to pressure the Islamic Republic has so far failed. The response of the Swedish foreign office is far from satisfactory. The Islamic Republic has taken foreign ambassadors to visit a prison that fully symbolizes the savagery of the Islamic Republic, where thousands of men, women, young boys and girls have been tortured and executed. There are families that still do not know where their loved ones are buried. Evin prison which also know as the Bastille prison of Iran is known for its inhumane condition yet the foreign ambassadors refuse to challenge the authorities in Iran.

In reaction to this staged visit, a number of political prisoners in Evin prison including Atena Daemi ( children right activist) and Golrokh Ebrahimi ( women’s rights activist) have sent letters which contain the information regarding the catastrophic conditions in this prison. Addressing the ambassadors, they have warned them against allowing themselves to turn a blind eye to the reality of these conditions as a result of this showy display. If these ambassadors care about the violation of the fundamental rights of Iranian people, then instead of whispering in the ears of its Iranian counterpart they should openly and unequivocally condemn the extensive and constant human rights abuse in Iran. The policy of whispering in the ears of the Islamic Republic has emboldened the Islamic Republic to put up a show in front of the ambassadors in order to hide its bloody hands. Is it possible that the Swedish embassy and the other ambassadors are not aware of the false and deafening propaganda of the Islamic republic in the wake of this visit and still wish to continue with their whispering policy? Does the Swedish government cares about its own resident Mr Ahmadreza Jalali who has been arrested and kept in the same Evin prison? Did the Swedish ambassador, in this visit, asked to visit Mr Jalali in Evin prison?

The International Committee against Execution (ICAE) and the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) will continue to expose the violation of the fundamental rights of the Iranian people and daily atrocities of the Islamic government in Iranian prisons. We demand:

• The condemnation of the Islamic Republic for crimes against humanity and the suppression of people in Iran. 

• The end to the persecution of political and civil rights activists, women and children rights activists, labour activists in Iran and demand the release of all political prisoners. 

• The eradication of capital punishment in Iran. 

• That all the complaints of all prisoners and their families to be investigated by an impartial international delegation, who would visit all detention centers and prisons

International Committee against Execution (ICAE)

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

For more information contact:

Shiva Mahbobi, spokesperson for the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)


Hasan Salehi, spokesperson for the International Committee against Capital Punishment

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