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سعید شیرزاد مصاحبه

گفت و گو: با شیوا محبوبی پیرامون وضعیت زندانی سیاسی سعید شیرزاد- ۱۱ ژانویه ۲۰۱۷


Saeed Shirzad, Take an Action


Saeed Shirzad has been on hunger strike by sewing his lips together, in protest of the silent deaths of prison inmates, and the prison conditions. Saeed wrote a letter in regards to his hunger strike which can be found at the end of this press release. In his letter, Saeed describes the prison conditions, and the demands of his hunger strike in detail. As Saeed has been on hunger strike for more than a month, his body is deteriorating and he is now suffering from low blood pressure, severe dehydration, and severe weight loss. Prison officials have ignored Saeed’s demands and situation. Please join us in his support.

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A victory for political prisoners in Iran


A victory for political prisoners in Iran

On the 3rd of January 2017, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, jailed writer and human rights activist in Iran, was temporarily released on bail of 500 million tooman (125000 dollars). Her husband Arash Sadeghi, jailed student and human rights activist, ended his hunger strike after 72 days. Read the rest of this entry

يك پيروزي بزرگ و ضرورت ادامه تلاشهايمان


يك پيروزي بزرگ و ضرورت ادامه تلاشهايمان

بر اساس منبع خبري تلگرام مادران ، آرش صادقي پس از ٧٢ روز به اعتصاب غذاي خود پايان داد. گفته شده است كه آرش قبول كرده است كه اعتصاب خود را بشكند و به او سرم وصل كنند . يك منبع موثق اعلام كرده است كه گلرخ را از بند نسوان زندان اوين خارج كرده اند و در ازاي پرداخت پانصد ميليون تومان وثيقه به او مرخصي داده شده است. نخستين عكس گلرخ را پس از آزادي در زير ملاحظه ميكنيد .

اين پيروزي مهمي براي همه ما است كه هر روزه از آرش و گلرخ حمايت كرده و براي رساندن صداي آرش صادقي و خواست آزادي گلرخ ابراهيمي تلاش كرده ايم. اين پيروزي مهمي در عرصه تلاش براي آزادي زندانيان سياسي است

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