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خشونت علیه زنان

روز جهانی علیه خشونت بر زنان

گفت و گو: خشونت علیه زنان،مصاحبه با شیوا محبوبی
Interview with ‪#‎Shiva‬ Mahbobi on violence against ‪#‎women‬ ‪#‎25November


jailed children rights activists in Iran

In support of jailed children rights activists in Iran

مصاحبه در رابطه با فعالين كودكان

مصاحبه با شيوا محبوبى در رابطه با فعالين كودكان در زندان و دستگيري ٣٠ نفر در مقابل زندان اوين از جمله مادر فعال كودكان اميد عليشناس در روز شنبه ٢٢ نوامبر
an interview with Shiva Mahbobi on the situation of jailed children rights activists in Iran

In Iran, children rights activists do not get award, they get prison sentence!

Campaign in support of children rights activists in Iran
On 20 November, the Universal Children Day

In Iran, children rights activists do not get award, they get prison sentence!


Millions of children as young as four years old are working long hours to be able to survive in Iran. They grow up without being able to enjoy their childhood. They are deprived of their rights as a child and their dreams are shattered by poverty.  The Islamic regime has turned a blind eye on the misery of poor children.

There are no supports for deprived children by the government in Iran and ordinary people find ways to support these children as much as they can.  There are many individuals who use their own time and resources and put their lives at risk to defend these children. They teach them how to read, write and draw; help them to keep their dreams alive; give them voice and hope. These individuals and the NGOs they work for have become the only support and hope for deprived children in Iran.

Could you imagine what is it like for these children when their hope and support are taken away from them?

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Criminal Islamists attack Paris

Criminal Islamists attack Paris


#ParisAttacks another attempt  of #Islamists to kill life and happiness as they have done it in different forms in Iran, Afghanistan and all over the Middle East and around the world.

They kill, they kidnap  women and rape and sell them, they kidnap school girls, they kill babies …. . Yes this is the Political  Islam.

Rouhani and it’s  regime  have been  reinforcing terrorism and promoting murdering people. In regards to  the #ParisAttacks Rouhani says” it’s a crimes against  humanity” . ..This is a sad jock…. Criminal Rouhani and his  killing machine express consern  for humanity !!!!

Rouhani and his regime have started  organising terrorism and attacks on freedom and humanity since 36 years a go in different part of the world.  They  have executed  more than 1000 prisoners in Ira only in the last 2 years.

مصاحبه با شعله پاکروان مادر ریحانه جباری

دراین برنامه مادر ریحانه جباری از درد از دست دادن ریحانه و خشمی که به خاطره از دست دادن دخترش دارد می‌گوید. مادر ریحانه از درد مشترک مادرانی می‌گوید که فرزندانشان را از دست داده اند

​فايل يوتيوب برنامه زنده  تلويزيونى براي آزادى زندانيان سياسى- یکشنبه  ۱ نوامبر برابر با دهم آبان

در اين برنامه:  مصاحبه با شعله پاکروان مادر ریحانه جباری, حکم اعدام شهرام احمدی‌ و احکام اعدام زندانیان، بزرگداشت یاد ستار بهشتی‌ ، حکم زندان فعال کارگری جعفر عظیم زده  و احضار   پروین محمدی . وضعیت حسین کاظمینی بروجردی و افشین سهراب زده

 مجرى برنامه :شيوا محبوبى

CFPPI Live TV program on political prisoners in Iran- 1st  Nov 2015-

by Shiva Mahbobi

An interview with Reyhaneh Jabari’s mother

برنامه بعدى يكشنبه  پانزدهم نوامبر

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Shahram Ahmadi is in danger of being executed in Iran

Call on: human rights organisations

Shahram Ahmadi is in danger of being executed in Iran


Shahram Ahmadi, 30, was arrested in November 2009 for belonging to a Sunni group. After six years of imprisonment Shahram has been sentenced to death penalty and his lawyer was informed of the verdict on 25th of October 2015. He has been charged with “Moharebeh”, “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the regime of Iran”.

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