Guardian glamorises the violence embedded in Islamic rituals

Guardian glamorises  the violence embedded in Islamic rituals


picture from the Guardin 04/11/2014

The Guardian on 04/11/2014 has published set of pictures on Ashura in Iran. In my opinion glamorising Ashura means glamorising self-harm such as sword cutting through skulls and blood Spilled all over the body while children are witnessing such a gruesome and graphic act of Islamic ritual. The Guardian even goes further and shows pictures of children participating in Ashura. I wander what is the news worthiness of these pictures for the Guardian? Does Guardian explains to its readers what Ashura really is or just intend to glamorise and normalise the violence embedded in Islamic rituals? What a shame.

روزنامه  گاردين عكسهاى آشورا در ايران را به عنوان عكسهاى جالب نشان ميدهد. عاشورا مراسمى كه مردان خودزنى كرده و گاها خون به تمام بدنشان ميپاشد و كودكان شاهد اين صحنه هاي جنايتكارانه اسلامى هستند. واقعا وقاحت به كجا رسيده است كه روزنامه گاردين دارد بيشرمانه حتى عكس كودكانى را نشان ميدهد كه والدينشان مجبورشان كرده اند در اين مراسم به غايت وحشيانه و جنايتكارانه  اين توحش مذهب و اسلام شركت كنند.


This is what Ashura is






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Women's rights activist and spokesperson for ​ Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), former political prisoner ,TV producer and presenter

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