Roya Saberinejad is under pressure in the Shahre Rey Prison in Iran



 Roya Saberinejad is under pressure in the Shahre Rey Prison in Iran

Roya Saberinejad, the British woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Iran, is kept in an inhuman condition in Shahre Ray prison. Shahre Ray prison is a notorious women’s prison which is known for its cruel condition where the inmates are regularly attacked and beaten by prison guards.  An example of mercilessness in this prison happened when in July 2011, a 21-year-old mother, Sahar Hadadi, committed suicide, because of the unbearable condition, and the prison guards did not even made an slightest attempt to save her life.

Shahre Ray prison is near Tehran and the inmates are mainly women who are arrested for drug use and murder and their condition is unspeakably inhuman. Many of these inmates suffer from severe mental health conditions but they are not provided with any treatment. Reyhaneh Jabbari, a young woman whose execution sentence is halt due to  an international campaign, is also kept in the Shahre Ray Prison. Reyhaneh describes this prison as a place similar to a ” mass grave” for women with severe mental disorders and physical health issues that are trapped with no help .

Why Roya Saberinejad is transferred to this prison?

The regime in Iran has always transferred political prisoners to prisons such as Shahre Ray Prison to exert further pressure and to psychologically torture them.

Roya Saberinejad  has been kept in the Shahre Ray prison for more than six months and she is suffering from severe psychological condition.  Roya is only allowed to have a three-minute telephone conversation with her relatives once  or twice a week. Roya has expressed serious concern for her wellbeing and safety in this prison.

Despite all these serious health related concerns, the British government has not taken any serious action to free Roya, a British citizen. It is the responsibility of the British Government to put pressure on the regime in Iran to release Roya Saberinejad Nobakht immediately and unconditionally.


We would like to ask you to please write to the British government and urge them to take an action immediately.


Please see the following for ways to help.


For more information contact:

For more information please contact: Shiva Mahbobi, spokesperson   /  07572356661


“ Free Roya Now” campaign

Ways to help:

sign her petition:


tweet using: #FreeRoyaNow

write to: (sample letter is provided)

Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs-UK    on

Your MP (you can find your MP via the link below)

sample letter:

TO:  The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

We, the undersigned, express our concern for the plight of Roya Saberinejad Nobakht, 48, a British citizen who has been in prison in Iran since October 2013 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison for posting an anti-government comment on Facebook. She has been subjected to physical and psychological torture in prison.

Roya Saberinejad Nobakht is a British citizen and the British government has a duty of care for her.

We request that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to put pressure on the regime in Iran to release Roya Saberinejad Nobakht immediately.

Name:                                               City/ Constituency






About shivamahbobi

Women's rights activist and spokesperson for ​ Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), former political prisoner ,TV producer and presenter

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