Day of action in support of jailed workers in Iran


Dear friends,

The following is a letter from Free Them Now! Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran to ITF in regards to the critical situation of labour activist Reza Shahabi who is now in prison in Iran. please see below, also, the call for a day of action on July 12 2014. There are events in several cities around the world on July 12.

Lets be the voice of all jailed workers in Iran


Shiva Mahbobi


To: The International Transport Federation (ITF)

 ou have been informed about the worrisome situation of Reza Shahabi, member of the executive committee of the VAHED Bus Union. Authorities of the Islamic Republic have transferred him to Rejai-Shahr Prison instead of taking him to hospital due to his urgent back bones problem. Since that date, June 1, Reza has been in a hunger strike. Reza has lost 12 kilograms since then. . Shahrokh Zamani, another worker leader who is kept in the same ward as Shahabi, has called on for an international campaign in support of Reza Shahabi; he is warning about Shahabi’s serious health situation and the risk of his life.

 We know that your Federation has always supported the struggles of VAHED workers union and workers in Iran. We are aware of your support for detained VAHED workers and Reza Shahabi. We appreciate your worldwide support. The situation, however, is urgent and we expect urgent action from your side. Your Federation acted urgently in 2006 and declared February 15, 2006 the International Day in Support of VAHED Union and imprisoned workers in Iran.We all witnessed the positive impact of this move. We are in the need of an action today. We expect you to put pressure on the Islamic Republic to allow Reza Shahabi to take leave from prison and receive immediate medical treatment. We expect you to press for the immediate release of Reza Shahabi and all imprisoned workers. Reza Shahbi, the VAHED Union and Iranian workers need immediate international support. For your information these days it was reported that regime’s top prosecutor has ordered the prison authorities that Reza Shahabi have to be given a temporary leave for treatment. But the Ministry of Intelligence which runs the Iranian prisons has avoided his release.

 We have already declared July 12 the day of international support for Reza Shabi, Sharokh Zamani, and Behnam Ebrahim zadeh in response to call from Behnam Ebrahim zadeh. These workers and their families have been under constant pressure and been threatened by the Islamic Republic security forces. We have but three more days. We were pushed to immediately call for such a day as urgent action is required. We expect your support for this international campaign.

 Only an extensive, worldwide campaign can lessen the pressure over Reza Shahabi. We should assure him that we support his justified demands; then we can ask him to end his hunger strike.

 We look forward to your prompt response.

 Free Them Now! Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran

July 8, 2014

Your sincerely

Shahla Daneshfar


About shivamahbobi

Women's rights activist and spokesperson for ​ Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), former political prisoner ,TV producer and presenter

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