Granted asylum because he is an atheist

Finally. . An Afghan citizen has been granted asylum in the UK  because he is an atheist.

This is the kind of news I would like to see more.
According to news dated 14 January , Atheist given asylum in UK.

I was glad to see this news since as far as I know this is the first time that asylum status is granted to an individual  from countries like Afghanistan based on non-religious beliefs. It is long overdue.  This shows the progress of  secular humanist  movement in the UK.

As someone who was born and brought up in Iran,  I am    so sick and tired of being pushed into the box of “Muslims”. I am an  Atheist and I have chosen to be one since I was 12 years old, yet I am called a ” Muslim woman”!!!!!!   only because I was born in Iran.  

I remember when  I was in college  someone asked me where I am from and I said Iran, she said so you are a Muslim.  I said no. She said but you believe in God. And when she heard no again,  she looked at me as if  I was  an alien. She was  staring at me and kept saying: but you are from Iran…   I still laugh when I remember her face.
I guess after years this picture has changed and less people are surprised when they find out that I am from Iran and also I  am an  Atheist.


About shivamahbobi

Women's rights activist and spokesperson for ​ Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), former political prisoner ,TV producer and presenter

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