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به ياد افشين اسانلو

به ياد افشين اسانلو

زمانى كه خبر در گذشت افشين اسانلو , كارگر زندانى در زندان رجايى شهر به دستم رسيد, ناباورانه مرتبا اسم افشين  را نگاه ميكردم تا  مطمئن بشوم درست اسمش را خوانده ام. مرتبا به ياد سطور نامه اش ميا فتادم چرا كه با  افشين اولين بار از طريق نامه اش آشنا شدم. Read the rest of this entry


Do you remember Neda?


Do you remember this picture? It is the picture of Neda Aghasoltan, a 27-year-old Philosophy student who was shot dead during the protests against the Islamic regime and its presidential election, which was more of a sham than an election, in 20 June 2009. Neda’s picture was broadcasted around the world and has become a symbol of the fight for freedom in Iran. During 20 June 2009 protest, it is estimated that the regime has arrested around 5000 people some of whom are still in prison. This is not the first time the regime has attacked the protesters and arrested thousands of them. The mass arrest on that day included those who were not in the protest at all and were just bystanders. Read the rest of this entry

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