On 20th June 2011

I was a political prisoner in Iran and had to spend the best 3 and half years of my youth in prison, 11 months of which I had to spend in solitary confinement. At the time, I could never imagine that one day I will be able to tell people what has happened to me in prison. I remember I was in a very small cell, with no heating, no fresh air and no lighting; It was dark and cold. I was always wondered if people outside knew what kind of situation I was in? The cell was far away from the main building: no one inside could hear my voice, let alone people outside of prison. It’s frightening to know that no one hears your voice. Silence is one of the worse tortures for a prisoner.

I was arrested when I was only 16 for speaking out against the regime in Iran. I was flogged by the prison guards and the pain was like a wave of electricity currents going through my body; pain can’t describe the agony I was going through. I have survived, but with a heart full of rage and anger toward those who tortured me and my friends. When I was released I felt I need to scream, and tell everyone what has happened to me and my friends. I promised to be the voice of my friends and my fellow cellmates who were killed by the regime in prison.

On 20th June 2011, the international day of action in support of political prisoners in Iran, 47 cities all over the world are joining their voices together to echo the voice of thousand of political prisoners whom are under physical and mental torture as I am writing this letter.

I could never imagine that one day thousands of people in the world would take action to be the voice of political prisoners.

As a survivor of torture, you can be their voices too. You didn’t have a voice when you were tortured, but now you have: 20 June is an opportunity to be a prisoner’s voice.

You might have never known what it feels like it to be tortured, but I am sure you can imagine what it feels like to live in nightmare all your life.

Join me on 20th June 2011 and be the voice of those who never had a chance to have one.


About shivamahbobi

Women's rights activist and spokesperson for ​ Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), former political prisoner ,TV producer and presenter

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